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Assertive Leadership Techniques

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Assertive Leadership Techniques




Assertiveness is one of the most valuable skill sets leaders and managers can possess. It ensures that you are clear, consistent and understood by those you lead. Assertiveness helps eliminate the confusing and inconsistent messages many of us often convey unintentionally to our employees and coworkers.

This program gives participants practical techniques to improve their assertiveness in leadership positions and helps define the difference between assertive, aggressive, passive and devious leadership styles.  This program will also provide opportunities to use assertive techniques in problem solving and interpersonal workplace situations.

"Exceeded my expectations. I really like the way that we jumped right into practical application case studies. I really like the efficient tool for surveying the class.  It was all very instructive.  Dr. Graham has excellent command of the material. Fully engaged.  Very skillful. I would definitely enroll in more courses with Dr. Graham."

                    Daniel M. Goebel,  Star Lumber


Assertiveness and Leadership

  • What is assertiveness?
  • Assertiveness aids leadership

What Is My Communication Style?

  • Passive and non-assertive
  • Overly assertive - aggressive
  • Indirectly assertive
  • Effectively assertive

How to Be More Assertive

  • How to confront
  • How to communicate

How to Handle a Problem Boss

Compliments, Criticism, Rejection

  • Taking compliments
  • Giving compliments
  • Criticizing
  • Accepting "NO"
  • Saying "NO"
  • Feedback to subordinates

Constructive Confrontations

  • Competition
  • Why give in?
  • Compromise
  • Problem-solving conflicts


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