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Basic Writing & Grammar Skills for Business

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Basic Writing & Grammar Skills for Business





Business correspondence influences judgments about competence and professionalism. Improve your writing skills by reviewing the essentials of good grammar, punctuation and business writing. This seminar is designed for professionals at every level in the organization who want to improve their writing.


Bring to class two samples of business correspondence you composed.


Writing as a Communication Form

  • The purpose of communications
  • The focus of communications
  • The importance of grammar
  • The eight parts of speech

Write to Increase Readership

  • Fog index
  • Short sentences
  • The KISS principle
  • Less is better

Write to Be Understood

  • Say what you mean
  • Reduce the shock of "NO"
  • All verbs are not equal
  • Parallel
  • Link ideas

Correct Grammar Increases Understanding

  • What's a comma worth?
  • Punctuation pointers
  • Agreement rules

Ways to Organize the Message

  • Upside pyramid
  • The pyramid
  • Inter-office memos

Writing Hints

  • Getting started
  • Three R's of editing
  • Writing for someone else


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