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Business Modeling & Data Analysis: Using Data to Make Better Decisions

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Business Modeling & Data Analysis: Using Data to Make Better Decisions


This class meets two consecutive days: May 18 & 19, 2017


Today we have access to more information than ever before, but how do you use the information you have to make the best decision?  This course teaches you how to put information and data to work when making business decisions.



At work, you have access to more information than you know what to do with. You probably realize the information is valuable, but have no idea how to take advantage of it to make more profitable decisions. Learn to put to use information using common business applications to model the outcomes of different decisions and make better choices.

You'll learn the practical steps to analyzing business data, which will help you optimize current operations and determine the outcomes of your decisions. Why continue making decisions in the dark, when this course will give you the tools to make better decisions, use more information and have better support for the decisions you make.

This class will detail the different methods of business modeling and demonstrate practical examples from numerous functional areas of business.

** This is a hands on class.  Every participant will be assigned a CMD laptop to work on during the class.

You need to have a basic understanding of Microsoft Excel to participate in this course.

This is a great class to take to learn the benefits of modeling in excel. There are a lot of model types to teach in two days and I feel Dr. Sue did a great job going over the main items to help benefit the class overall.  The scandisk with the different models is GREAT and a good tool to help get started.       Misty Cavanaugh    Dillons Stores


Spreadsheet Modeling

  • The seven-step modeling process
  • Review of the basic concepts
  • Tips to improve your efficiency
  • Introduction to macros
  • Breakeven analysis - example

Basic Optimization Modeling

  • Optimization versus what-if models
  • Benefits of optimization modeling
  • The basic optimization model
  • Excel: solver and solver table
  • Product mix - example

Advanced Optimization Modeling

  • Human Resources - example
  • Finance - example
  • Marketing - example
  • Operations - example

Decision Tree Modeling

  • When do we use decision trees?
  • Types of decision trees
  • Excel add-in: decision trees
  • Contract bidding - example

Simulation Modeling

  • When do we use simulation?
  • Benefits of simulation
  • Excel add-in: simulation
  • Demand versus Supply - example

"This class opened the realm of possibility that has evolved with the use of Microsoft Excel. The capability of Excel has allowed an individual/company to explore and make informed decisions without having to wait weeks or months for the information. Dr. Sue is very knowledgeable of the subject she teaches & has worked to stay current in this field. Thank you for making the 2 days fun and full of information & learning."  – Steve Roach, Beech Aircraft Corporation

"Vital information/tools/tips for any Analyst, new and seasoned professional alike!.  – "Daniel Kautz, Wichita Kansas

"Dr. Sue probably has no idea of the significant impact she made on me and, through me, on my company.  Early in the course she said, "good businesses turn data into information to better manage their business.". This course has opened my eyes to what's readily available to help me manage our business to profitability.  Tools that are readily available, but rarely taken full advantage of.  Excellent course!  Thanks Dr. Sue!" – William Watkins, Beechcraft Defense Company


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  • PMP/PgMP: 9 Technical  0 Leadership  3 Strategic
  • PMI-ACP: 0 Technical  0 Leadership  3 Strategic
  • PMI-SP: 0 Technical  0 Leadership  3 Strategic
  • PMI-RMP: 0 Technical  0 Leadership  3 Strategic
  • PfMP: 0 Technical  0 Leadership  3 Strategic
  • PMI-PBA: 3 Technical  0 Leadership  3 Strategic


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