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Coaching for Top Performance

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Coaching for Top Performance


 Coaching for Top Performance


In today's organizations, rapid-paced change dictates that the old managerial approaches of control and compliance are largely ineffective. To be successful, managers must become coaches who push exceptional performance by empowering employees rather than acting as referees to control employees. The coaching relationship is successful when it's based on a partnership for achieving results and a commitment to collaboration.


The manager as a coach

The mindset of a coach

Why the coaching approach works so well

Similarities between coaches and managers

Differences between coaches and managers

Six characteristics of successful coaches

Roles of the coach

  • The coach as a motivator
  • The coach as a teacher
  • The coach as a mentor
  • The coach as a winner

Coaching the problem employee

  • How to determine if the employee can be salvaged
  • When to be supportive; when to be tough
  • A performance improvement plan that leads to improvement or termination

Coaching approaches and techniques

  • How to get employees to commit to ambitious goals
  • Guidelines for conducting coaching sessions
  • How to give feedback that helps people improve
  • How to build "esprit de corps" and trust in the group


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