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Communication Skills for Supervisors

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Communication Skills for Supervisors




Improving your communication skills can help turn teeth-clenching tasks into noteworthy accomplishments. It will also help you clearly deliver your expectations to your employees. This class will give you concrete skills you can use to take away the barriers to effective communication in your work.

"As a former teacher, the class was really the perfect blend of teacher led instruction intermixed with individual and group activities. Kept me engaged the whole time."    Jeff Maddox, IT Help Desk Manager, Meritrust Credit Union



Understanding Communications

  • Defining communication
  • Forms of interpersonal communication
  • Barriers to communication
  • A practical exercise on 'One Way vs. Two Way' communication

How to Improve Your Communications

  • Determining your communication style
  • Why be concerned about style
  • Style strengths and trouble spots

Receiving Feedback

  • How to handle receiving critical feedback
  • Three stages of response to critical feedback
  • Helpful hints on handling feedback

How to Give Constructive Feedback

  • Steps in giving constructive feedback
  • Barriers to constructive feedback
  • Guidelines for giving constructive feedback

The Business of Listening

  • Four key elements of good listening
  • Determining your listening attitude and style
  • Tips for tip top listening

Special Situations in Communication


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