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Essential Skills for Effective Leaders

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Essential Skills for Effective Leaders


This class meets two consecutive days: July 24 & 25, 2018


This course offers proven and effective leadership techniques that are practical and useful. Dr. Graham will emphasize the role of leadership, decision-making and communication in coordinating a team that enthusiastically supports your vision and mission. His lively use of exercises, examples and humor gives you management techniques that equip you with the skills necessary to begin your transition from manager to an effective leader.

Designed For:

This seminar is designed for individuals currently in a leadership position or those who aspire to develop a leadership role in any type of organization. It is also valuable for anyone who has worked successfully in a leadership role but would like to update and reinforce their skills, plus review the most effective leadership theories and practices.

This seminar works out of Dr. Graham's latest book "LEAD: How Effective Leaders Get Things Done".  You will have reading assignments and review questions to complete prior to coming to class.  Register early so that there is enough time to send you the book, as well as enough time for you to read and work the assignment. If you cancel your registration, and have already received the book, there will be a $50 fee for the book.

Learning Points:

  • Gain insight into your individual leadership style and enhance your capabilities
  • Sharpen your communication skills and effectiveness on the job
  • Discover the importance of cultivating work teams
  • Identify motivation "turn-ons" that result in a productive climate


Leadership and vision

  • What is leadership?
  • Why vision is important
  • Why mission is important
  • How leaders handle objectives
  • How leaders differ from managers

What is my leadership style?

  • Do I have leadership traits?
  • Am I task-oriented?
  • Am I people-oriented?
  • Is my style effective?

How effective leaders make decisions

  • Four ways leaders make decisions
  • How leaders empower subordinates

How great leaders communicate

  • What should be communicated?
  • What is my listening style?
  • What is my sending pattern?

How successful leaders improve teamwork

  • Five kinds of teams
  • Five dimensions of teamwork
  • Three common mistakes of teamwork
  • Five symptoms of team deterioration

How to negotiate conflicts

  • Three mistakes in negotiation
  • Five steps in preparing for negotiations
  • Five strategies for resolving conflicts

How successful leaders motivate others

  • Why hiring is important
  • The work itself
  • Financial and non-financial rewards
  • Why discipline is important



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