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How to Delegate & Empower Your Employees

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How to Delegate & Empower Your Employees




The effective delegation and empowerment of your employees is essential for your success as a manager. It will also give you the added benefit of happier employees and a more manageable workload. You'll gain a practical understanding of the delegation process and learn the most effective way to delegate.


Essentials of Delegation

  • Delegation defined
  • A delegation self-exam
  • What to delegate and what not to delegate
  • The six degrees of delegation
  • A participative exercise: The Delegation Case

Causes of Ineffective Delegation

  • Delegation vs. dumping
  • Delegation vs. abdication
  • Delegation, mistakes and growth
  • The upward delegation mistake

Empowerment Basics

  • Empowerment defined
  • Differentiating between empowerment and delegation
  • Empowering in a team vs. traditional organization
  • Specific leader behaviors in an empowerment culture
  • The "roadblocks" and "landmines" of empowerment and what to do about them

Putting It All Together – Leadership Style

  • Your leadership style and delegation/empowerment
  • A practical exercise: You as an empowering coach
  • Identifying direction, support and resource needs to empower your team

"This class offers informative and useful information that can be used in the workplace on an everyday basis. Don was very informative and his instructional style kept us engaged while keeping the setting casual and at ease."   Frank Kline, Tramco Inc.

"I really enjoyed this session.  The information was very helpful for me to bring back to my office and put into practice right away!  Dr. Hackett does a great job! I think CMD classes are very useful and great tools to expand your knowledge and skill set to be a supervisor." Lisa Hansen   Wichita State University


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