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Integrating & Customizing Microsoft Project® for Seamless Reporting

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Integrating & Customizing Microsoft Project® for Seamless Reporting



Move beyond the essential functions of building and managing integrated schedules, to utilizing the advanced features of Microsoft Project 2010®, producing integrated output that will assist you in the daily management of your projects. This course will help you understand how to produce output that is shared between Microsoft Office® Products (MS Excel®, MS Word®, MS Powerpoint®, MS Outlook®).

With hands on instruction you will:

  • Sort, filter, and extract data from MS Project® for use in other MS applications
  • Understand the structure and rules for producing macros and Visual Basic for Applications (VBA) scripts
  • Learn the basics of VBA
  • Gain the ability to integrate MS Project® with the MS Office Suite
  • Produce graphical output in MS Excel®
  • Deliver task information through automating email notification via MS Outlook®


Understanding VBA and writing basic code instruction is not a difficult endeavor, but are some important prerequisites for this course.

Good working knowledge of MS Project®

  • What the application can and cannot do.
  • How to build and use filters and tables (we will review this)
  • Understand the structure of the project schedule and the task relationships

Aptitude for Programming

  • The ability to think in a logical step-by-step manner.
  • NOTE: if you can build good project schedules, you can program

A basic understanding of the capabilities of the MS Office® Suite Applications

  • Know required fields and the output types of the MS Office® applications
  • Remember you cannot program the application to do something that is impossible to do manually


Filters, tables and custom fields

Understanding modules and forms

  • MS Project® VBA screen
  • Macros
  • Object libraries
  • Calculating time

VBA Basics

  • Define variables
  • Reading records
  • Accessing data
  • Updating records
  • Accessing/Utilizing filtered data
  • Accepting user input
  • Displaying messages
  • Exercise 1 – Write a script to display MS Project® field information

Binding other applications

  • Early and late binding options
  • Moving data between applications
  • Calling other object libraries


  • Exercise 2 – Walk through code to create a burn down chart in MS Excel®
  • Exercise 3 – Create a MS Excel® bar graph
  • Exercise 4 – Create and email via MS Outlook® past due tasks


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