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Managing & Improving Customer Service

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Managing & Improving Customer Service



Your ability to keep customers you have and gain new ones, through word of mouth, is exceedingly important.  In this exciting seminar you'll learn how to take the latest customer service knowledge and develop skills to apply to your team, laying the groundwork for satisfied customers and increased satisfaction from your work.


Understanding Quality and Customer Service

  • 10 criteria of customer service
  • Determining which criteria are most important for your customers
  • Understanding the internal customer
  • A practical exercise on quality service

Coaching for Quality Service Improvement

  • What makes a good coach
  • Coaching characteristics
  • How to effectively praise and correct in coaching
  • A practical exercise for 'coaching' on customer service

Empowering for Greater Customer Service

  • Empowerment defined
  • Three tips on managing empowerment
  • A practical exercise on empowerment in quality services

Developing a Data Driven Customer Service Culture

  • Understanding data and standards in a customer driven culture
  • Examples of customer service standards
  • Methods of obtaining customer service data (surveys, MBWA)
  • A practical exercise on a data driven culture

Understanding the Role of 'Process' in Quality Service

  • Process defined
  • Examples of process improvement in customer service
  • Improving processes through "flow-charting"
  • Identification of process improvements needed in your organization


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