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Managing Project Teams

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Managing Project Teams

There is immense power in collaboration.
Are you capitalizing on it?

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This class meets two consecutive days August 9 & 10, 2018

Keeping a project team on schedule and focused on goals is a necessary and challenging skill set.  It becomes even more challenging when one does not have full authority over team members as often occurs in project teams.  Participants in this program will learn practical, hands-on techniques for overcoming major “project team” dysfunctions while developing skill sets in team selection and formation, facilitating team meetings and effectively communicating within the team as well as with sponsors.

  • To share three major lessons learned in selecting, developing and managing a project team


  • To illustrate the importance of ground rules and governance in establishment of project teams


  • To identify the characteristics and behaviors of successful project team leaders and teams


  • Learn to facilitate a team through its life cycle from formation to end


  • How to handle troublesome team members

The Foundation of Project Teams

  • Defining project teams, teamwork and synergy
  • The benefits and limitations of project teams
  • The four C’s of a successful project team
  • Characteristics and needs of project team members



Selecting and Bonding as a Project Team

  • The role of team diversity for creativity and decision making
  • Linking individual skills sets to your project needs
  • Reminders on dealing with pre-selected team members not under your everyday control
  • Identifying and managing the troublesome team member



Overcoming the Five Dysfunctions of a Project Team

  • Dysfunction #1: Building trust
  • Dysfunction #2: Mastering conflict
  • Dysfunction #3: Achieving commitment
  • Dysfunction #4: Embracing accountability
  • Dysfunction #5: Focusing on results


Understanding Facilitation as a Project Team Leader

  • Definition of facilitation
  • What facilitators do: the skill set
  • How to ask questions
  • Getting team agreement


Communication for Project Leadership

  • Establishing project team governance and ground rules
  • Setting expectations and team goals
  • How to move the project team through problem solving and decision making
  • What if the team gets stuck?


Managing Time and the Team Meeting

  • Communicating the team meeting
  • How to use an agenda effectively
  • Starting and stopping on time
  • How to delegate tasks effectively
  • How to spot and stop hidden agendas and time wasters

“The material was right on target with the challenges I face everyday in my position.  I found value both in having a better understanding of team dynamics & ways to handle those dynamics, as well as the things I need to focus on as a facilitator.”   

Shelby Chapman, Customer Service Manager, Emprise Bank, Wichita, KS

“Her stories and experiences made it very easy to relate various topics discussed in class.  I appreciated her openness and honesty. She was willing to listen to situations we were dealing with in our current roles and eager to offer suggestions to help.”     

Darcy O’Neill, Technology Admin/Project Manager, Emprise Bank, Wichita, KS

“This was a very beneficial class and I very much enjoyed all of the class activities. I really enjoy the classes that Christina teaches. She always has fun class projects. I have always enjoyed the classes from CMD. They are so helpful and I have used many of the tools in my everyday work situations.”   

Jessica Sudermann, Pfizer, McPherson 

If you are on a project team, if you lead a project team, if you are responsible for a project teams’ results, this class would be beneficial for you.

The best case scenario would be for your team to take it together!

Talent Triangle values:

  • PMP/PgMP: 0 Technical  10 Leadership  2 Strategic
  • PMI-ACP: 0 Technical  10 Leadership  2 Strategic
  • PMI-SP: 0 Technical  10 Leadership  2 Strategic
  • PMI-RMP: 0 Technical 1 0 Leadership  2 Strategic
  • PfMP: 0 Technical  10 Leadership  2 Strategic
  • PMI-PBA: 0 Technical  10 Leadership  2 Strategic

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This class is a great onsite! Let’s explore the possibilities of having this program at your facility. Contact me:  paula.seiwert@wichita.edu

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