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Strength Based Leadership

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Strength Based Leadership



Based on the popular StrengthsFinder personality assessment by Tom Rath and Barry Conchie, this workshop illustrates how leaders improve team performance by focusing of the strengths of themselves and their staff members.  Participants will benefit from knowledge of how their personalities impact their leadership and from insights gained through interactive classroom cases

In advance of the session each participant will receive a copy of the book, “Strengths Based Leadership”. The code in the back of the book will allow the participant to log in to the Strengths website and take the assessment, so that they can bring their 5 top strengths to class with them.

Designed for:

If it is your role to help people, teams, departments or organizations work efficiently and effectively, understanding the science of Strengths will benefit you.  It doesn’t matter the industry or the level in the organization.  Supervisors, Managers, Directors, Executives, Salespeople, Administrative teams, Doctors, Nurses, Accountants, Engineers, Owners, Teachers, Human Resources and any others can benefit from this course.


What is Strengths Based Leadership?

  • Three Leadership Myths
  • Impact of early childhood experiences
  • Why weakness-fixing does not work

What Your Personality Says About Your Leadership

  • What are your five personality strengths?
  • How your personality strengths impact your leadership
  • How to maximize your personality themes
  • How to balance structure and consideration

How to Maximize your Leadership Strengths

  • What makes up strength?
  • Four signs of leadership strengths
  • Examples of strengths statements
  • Four ways to focus on your strengths
  • Why staff strength-building is more effective

How to Deal With Weaknesses

  • How to do performance mapping
  • What typically happens when you coach a weakness
  • Four strategies for addressing staff member weaknesses


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