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Strategic Visioning

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This class meets three consecutive Monday’s:

 November 5, 12 and 19, 2018

December 3 and 10, 2018 both Instructors will meet with each company for a one-hour consulting to review the Strategic Plan created in the November sessions.


Led by:

Brian Rawson, General Manager, North America, In2uit, Inc.

Doug Karber,  Director, INVISTA,  a Koch Industries subsidiary


Information Sheet for Strategic Visioning


This three-day series is focused on developing and sustaining ground-breaking strategies to build an organizations competitive edge.  Those that are responsible for setting the pace of an organization, have irons in multiple fires, and lead a charge that, at times is difficult to direct.

These sessions are designed to lay the foundation for strategic ground-work that will strengthen and raise an organization into a market power-house. Strategic leaders inspire others, they transform their organizations and they deliver results.  This series will give you the knowledge and inspiration to become a successful strategic leaders.


  • Gain a deep understanding of the key roles and responsibilities of business executives
  • Develop a new lens to view competitiveness in product, talent and financial markets through a new understanding of stakeholder objectives and the relationships among them
  • Enhanced critical thinking: the essential skill for every business executive
  • Re-examined principles of value creation, the key basis for business decisions

Who should attend:

This three-day series is focused on those responsible for corporate strategy implementation for their organization. Senior executives, Vice-Presidents, Board of Directors, corporate development heads and Leadership teams whose roles have strategic implications for their organizations and who are motivated to become better leaders.

Day One:  

Morning: Vision & Strategy Development

  • What is strategy & where does it come from?
  • Change, disruption, and the innovator’s dilemma
  • Grow or die: Discovering strategic growth options
    • Asking the right questions
    • The growth matrix

Afternoon: Strategic Decision Making

  • Decision traps
  • The need for a decision framework
  • Key elements of a decision framework
  • Aspects of successful decision-making

Day Two:

Morning: Economic Analysis

  • Economic Thinking
  • Valuation
  • Economic Modeling

Afternoon: Managing for Strategic Success

  • Agents & stewards vs. Objects & Owners
  • Evidence-based Management
  • “Danger Will Robinson!”
    • Casual benchmarking
    • Doing what’s worked in the past
    • Following unexamined ideologies
  • Staffing and the “war for talent”
  • Financial incentives and compensation

Day Three:

Morning: Strategic Ventures

  • Types of strategic ventures – the Pro’s and Con’s
  • The venture process
  • The due diligence process
  • Key elements of venture legal agreements

Afternoon: Organizing for Strategic Success

  • Organization design tensions
    • Strategy vs. Structure
    • Accountability vs. Adaptability
    • Ladders vs. Rings
    • Self-interest vs. Mission success
  • Jobs & Departments vs. Teams & Projects
  • Change leadership
    • How to stop change in its tracks
    • Turning and righting the ship







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