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Creating an Inclusive Workplace

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Creating an Inclusive Workplace

This workshop is devoted to the challenging topics of diversity and inclusivity in the workplace. Issues of culture and cultural differences of employees; gender issues and sexual harassment; race and religion; age and appearance; privilege and micro-aggressions will be tackled through experiential activities and short cases.

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Working in a diverse workplace brings unique challenges. This workshop offers insights of how to create a positive, highly functioning work environment by overcoming biases, stereotypes and prejudice about racial, ethnic, religious, and other groups in the workplace. We will engage in interactive exchanges that shatter preconceived notions and invite alternative ways to think about common work situations. Ultimately, this self-reflective workshop will invite participants to seek solutions to everyday tasks in organizations.

  • Cultural perspectives, stereotypes, prejudice, and how to overcome them
  • Gender issue in the workplace and creating a workplace free of sexual harassment
  • Steps towards inclusive & positive climate
  • Employee differences and impact on workplace interactions
  • Race issues at work
  • Ethnicity, religion, age and appearance
  • Awareness of microaggression incidents
  • Privilege
  • Hiring and diversity – do’s and don’ts of job interviews

Come to this class and be the first to give us your thoughts!

This timely and appropriate session has no boundaries on who would benefit.  If you work in HR, Marketing, Operations, IT, Finance, Procurement, Quality, Customer service, Facilities, or the Executive suite, this class will provide great insights.

No one becomes strong without awareness and practice. This class will give you both.

If you would like to host this session for your team or department, we can make that happen.   Paula.Seiwert@wichita.edu

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