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How to Be an Effective Manager

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How to Be an Effective Manager

No one becomes great without practice.
Lay the groundwork to become a great manager.

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This class meets two consecutive days: August 28 & 29, 2018

This two day workshop is designed for individuals desiring to be more effective as a manager.  We will explore and analyze the differences between effective and ineffective managers.  To be successful, managers must become coaches who push exceptional performance by empowering employees rather than acting as referees to control employees.

The book “It’s Okay to be the Boss” is used as a reference book during this training.  You will receive a copy of the book prior to the first day of class.  It is a quick and easy read.  There are some review questions over the first five chapters that will come with the book and should be completed prior to attending the class.
Chapters 1 – 5 are covered on the first day of the session
Chapters 6 – 10 are covered the second day.

  • a game plan to transition into an effective manager
  • steps to coaching employees that are achievable
  • practiced ways to delegate and direct work
  • a path to focus on productivity outcomes from objectives

The Role of a Manager

  • How the role of managing differs from doing
  • How to transition into an effective manager
  • Four fundamental functions of effective managers
  • Common problems why managers fail


How to Improve Communication and Coaching

  • Three characteristics of groups that communicate effectively
  • How to improve listening
  • A five-step approach to coaching


Improving the Art of Delegation

  • What is authority?
  • Problems in delegation
  • How to give an order
  • How to criticize


The Role of Accountability

  • Four major mistakes managers make in handling objectives
  • Four suggestions for improving accountability with objectives
  • The relationship between attitudes and accountability
  • The relationship between morale and accountability

“I felt like I not only learned valuable tools for becoming a better manager, but I was able to take away concrete actions that I can use to do so. Dr. Graham makes these seminars interactive and enjoyable. These classes are valuable learning tools to become a better leader/manager one step at a time.  The seminars are well structured, informative and enjoyable.”    

Rich Putman, Senior Meteorologist, AccuWeather Enterprise Solutions, Wichita, KS

Anyone is  a management position that is wanting to sharpen their people skills and prepare themselves, not only to excel in their current job, but rise to the next level in their career.

Dr. Graham can come to your facility, and coach your leadership team.  Contact me to find out how easy and affordable that would be.   paula.seiwert@wichita.edu

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