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How to Delegate and Empower Your Employees

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How to Delegate and Empower Your Employees

One of the most powerful soft skills a manager can have
is their ability to delegate.
Come hear from an expert how to
successfully and comfortably delegate.

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Delegation is considered, by many management guru’s and practicing professionals, to be the most important skill set an ambitious leader can develop.  It is also considered to be the least developed skill of most supervisors and managers.

Picture of Darian Bebout in the classroom.

Delegation has two incredibly important benefits. 

First, it ensures the user is focusing on responsibilities at their level.  This obviously has time management as well as resource benefits. 

Secondly, it is one of the basic methods of growing and developing our direct reports. 

Empowerment is closely associated with delegation and also has great value in motivating and growing our subordinates.  In this course you will gain practical insight into both of these tools.

  • Essentials of delegation
  • Causes of poor delegation
  • What to delegate and what to not delegate
  • Steps in proper delegation
  • Practice session on delegation
  • Empowerment basics
  • When and when not to empower
  • What degree to empower a ‘direct report’
  • Opportunities to empower in your position (practical exercise)

“This class offers informative and useful information that can be used in the workplace on an everyday basis. ”  

Frank Kline, Tramco Inc., Wichita, Kansas

If you manage people, but find that your task list is bigger than you can get done, even with 20 extra hours a week, you need to practice your delegation skills.

Do you do the daily tasks because it is easier than trying to explain to an employee how to do it?

Do you complete a task because no one on your team is capable of doing it right?

It’s time for you to sharpen your delegation skills!

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This class is a great class to customize and bring on-site. Let’s explore that possibility.  Paula.Seiwert@wichita.edu

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