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Lean Enterprise Certification

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Lean Enterprise Certification

Coordinate your processes & strategically set up your department for strong performance and market growth!

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The Lean Enterprise Certification course is designed to enable you to understand, interpret and adopt the tools and principles of Lean.  This highly interactive certification prep course can be completed online at your own pace.  The content was developed according to American Society for Quality, the Association for Manufacturing Excellence, the Shingo institute, and SME standards.

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  • On-line courses can be started at ANY time.
  • Worked on at ANY time.
  • Work at ANY pace you choose.
  • You are in control.
  • 60 Contact hours
  • Six months – 180 days – access

It has been developed according to the ASQ guidelines and presents an overview of the concepts for Lean.  This advanced, self-paced, online course explores process and team management, operational metrics, and key tools and techniques to achieve process excellence.

At the end of this course, you will be able to:

  • Explain cultural enabler principles and processes
  • Describe cultural enabler techniques and practices
  • Explain the principles of continuous process improvement
  • Use process improvement systems
  • Describe continuous process improvement techniques and practices
  • Explain the principles of consistent Lean Enterprise culture
  • Explain the processes for developing a consistent Lean Enterprise culture
  • Describe consistent Lean Enterprise culture techniques and practices
  • Explain the principles of business results
  • Describe how measurement systems are used in a Lean Enterprise culture
  • List the key Lean-related measures

Lesson 1:  Cultural Enabler Principles and Processes

Lesson 2: Cultural Enabler Techniques and Practices

Lesson 3: Principles of Continuous Process Improvement

Lesson 4: Process Improvement Systems

Lesson 5: Continuous Improvement Techniques

Lesson 6: Process and System

Lesson 7: Business Sustainability and Quality Cost Systems

Lesson 8: Measurement Systems and Lean Enterprise Culture


You do not have to work on the factory floor to benefit from the Six Sigma methodology.  There is waste and savings to be made in the office area, in the inventory arena, in the financial section, in the services area, and in the non-profit sector.

This certification is also applicable to any level in the organization from the executive office to the customer service individual who interfaces with the customer, service or product.

These tools are applicable to every work environment. They are proved ways to steam line processes (paper and product movement), eliminate duplicate work, lower your expenses, increase your speed to the customer, and improve your bottom line.

The e-Book,”Lean Six Sigma”, written by Donna C. Summers, University of Dayton, published by Prentice Hall, is included in this training module.  Once purchased you have access to the modules for six months – 180 days!

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