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Managerial Psychology

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Managerial Psychology



This seminar will expose you to exciting new findings in workplace behavior. You’ll immediately be able to use these findings to better understand, direct and motivate employees with lasting results.

Psychological Principles

  • Liking or respecting
  • How to influence people to be more productive
  • Participative management
  • Task-people orientation
  • Freedom, structure and interest
  • Firmness or permissiveness

Using Psychological Methods

  • Energy curves
  • Positive effects of stress
  • Keeping up momentum – six steps
  • Eliminating de-motivating factors
  • When to give an inspirational push

Applying Psychology

  • Why you should set “impossible goals”
  • Enriching the job
  • How to make people eager to get to work
  • A plan for getting people interested

Dealing with Problem Employees

  • The problem drinker
  • Getting “Mr. Nice Guy” to do his job
  • How to handle the rebel
  • A general approach to problem people

Understanding Why People Act As They Do

  • The importance of attitudes
  • Finding out what people are really thinking
  • Changing emotions
  • What makes people work hard?

How to Deal With Defensive People

  • Disguises and role playing
  • How to criticize
  • Defense mechanisms

Act as counselor and Coach

  • The dual role of the appraiser
  • Shaping behavior
  • How and when to be supportive
  • Handling the interview

“We loved this seminar. I think maybe the best learning experience we’ve had. Dr. Belt is one of the best. You can never go wrong with any seminar taught by either Graham, Belt or Hackett!”        Brad Christopher, Wichita Airport Authority

“Dr. Belt delivered a 1st class seminar. In my opinion, this was one of the best CMD classes I have attended. It contained a lot of applicable material that I can utilize within my division at work. I have had excellent instructors in every CMD class I have attended. I find CMD classes to be engaging and useful for daily application, not only in the workplace, but in many aspects of life.”    Ryan Miller, Wichita Airport Authority

“We attend a lot of training at Foley Equipment and the classes at CMD are by far the best we attend. Fantastic instructor! Enjoyed this class!”      Scott Koehn, Foley Equipment



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