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Managing Change in the Workplace

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Managing Change in the Workplace

Today's turbulent world of shorter cycles, zero defects, new technology, merging companies, metrics by the minute, and leadership from outside the industry, managing change is critical for survival.

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It is critical for every business to appreciate and properly manage change in order to attain and maintain their success. Change is also required by anyone who wants to develop, grow and reach their personal goals. This workshop reviews the challenges presented by change, helps participants understand underlying and inhibiting factors of managing change, and identifies the successes which only change can bring.

Picture of Darian Bebout in the classroom.

Prior to the workshop, participants will receive the short story “Who Moved My Cheese” by Spencer Johnson, M.D. and Kenneth Blanchard. There will be some questions the participant needs to answer prior to the start of the session. These questions are based on the story’s characters as well as from their personal experience.

This course will help participants understand:

  • Why change is difficult and what factors contribute to failures
  • Needed steps to properly implement change 
  • Their adaptability to change

The objectives are to understand how to:

  • Consider resistance to change
  • Acknowledge change perspectives
  • Identify change oversights
  • Outline keys to change
  • Improve Adaptability to change
  • Anticipate future changes

Resistance to change

  • Cultural mindsets
  • Crossing the chasm of FUD
  • Personal mindsets


Change perspectives

  • Character traits
  • Group perspectives


Change oversights

  • Criticality of change management
  • Change sponsorship
  • Leading causes of change failures


Keys to change

  • The 8 Accelerators
  • Necessary endings
  • Measuring change


Adaptability to change

  • Motivation
  • Career adaptability
  • Underlying factors


Future changes

  • People care … why?
  • Change agent assessment
  • Eliminate, automate or simplify

“Learned a lot, not only about change within organizations, but about myself as well.”

“Good reflection of ourselves and how we adapt to change overall and what to look for with change so we are prepared in work and professional life.”

“Very empowering, learned about of techniques to apply to not only work but life.”

Quotes taken from an on-site training done in January 2019.

Responses were anonymous.

This class is for executives, owners, directors, managers, supervisors, leads and project leaders from all functions in the organization who want to increase their ability to lead through and implement change.

Even if you are not leading the change, but desire to become more accepting of change in their work life or personal life, this class will give you the tools and outlook you need.

Substitutions are free and must be done prior to the start of the class or certificate program.

Cancellations or rescheduling must be received in writing and full refunds will be given up to four business days prior to the start of class.

Any cancellation or reschedule submitted with three or less business days notice is subject to a $35 charge on 1 or 2 day classes and a $75 charge on certificate programs.  

No refunds after the first day of the class or certificate program.

If you have a team to lead through change and the task seems daunting, allow CMD to partner with you and customize the delivery of this class so that you can successfully and effectively navigate the change.  Together, we got this.  Paula.Seiwert@wichita.edu

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