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Powerful Business Writing Skills

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Powerful Business Writing Skills




Business correspondence influences judgments about competence and professionalism. However, effective business writing differs from other types of writing. Learn guidelines to increase positive results from every business letter, newsletter or report. Apply these techniques immediately to help you be more persuasive, clearer, more powerful and more professional each time you put words on paper.


Write to Communicate

  • The challenge of business communications
  • Understand communications
  • Four questions to ask before writing
  • Pitfalls of business writing

Principles of Powerful Writing

  • Be concise . . . cut the fat
  • Be clear . . . keep it simple
  • Choose active verbs . . . add zest
  • Use concrete words . . . say what you mean
  • Use common words… avoid jargon
  • Include the reader
  • Create a positive tone

Organizational Strategies

  • Good news
  • Bad news message
  • Memos
  • Emails

Writing Hints

  • Getting started
  • Editing techniques


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