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Understanding Human Behavior

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Understanding Human Behavior



UHB-WEB-GG This seminar will improve your leadership and management abilities by understanding yourself and others better.


How Attitudes Influence Employee Behavior

  • How attitudes are developed
  • Two ways attitudes affect behavior
  • How to improve employee attitude

How Employee Needs Influence Behavior

  • Needs we inherit
  • Needs we learn
  • What are my major needs?

How to Deal with Employee Frustration

  • What happens when needs are frustrated?
  • What causes needs to be frustrated?

How to Understand People through Giving and Receiving

  • How willing am I to give feedback?
  • How receptive am I to feedback?

How Perception Influences Behavior

  • What is perception?
  • What causes perceptual differences?

How to Understand Self

  • How do others perceive me?
  • How do I relate to others?
  • Do I tend to be an extrovert or an introvert?


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