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Manager’s Toolbox

Assembling the tools you need to manage more effectively.

March 4 through April 22, 2020


4:30 to 7:30 p.m.  


Managing employees in today’s workplace has never been harder.  Stepping into a management position requires you to have the business tools to not only manage goals but also manage deadlines, projects & priorities, coach teams, coach for performance, deal with employee attitudes, run effective meetings and cope with middle management challenges.

This seven week certificate program will give you the crucial tools to help you shift from being an individual contributor to a manager who gets results.  It can help managers and/or those on a management career path develop and enhance their management skills.  Manager’s Toolbox is an interactive training program designed to provide managers with skills to increase their individual success and maximize the impact they have on their employees and organization.


Managers Toolbox Brochure

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If you have some supervisory experience, and feel frustrated with your current teams lack of accomplishment, the Toolbox program can guide you in polishing the skills that take you to the next level.  Meetings, teamwork, attitude and that “stuck in the middle” feeling become the focus of this program.

The Manager’s Toolbox is the perfect next step for those participants that have completed the Supervisor Certificate program within the last year.  The topics covered lend themselves to additional learning that stretches your leadership skills.

Click the link below to read what participants have said about their experience in Manager’s Toolbox

Managers Toolbox Participant Evaluations

Managers Toolbox On-site Wichita

“I left each class with several ideas and new perceptions that I had never thought of.  The classes were practical and I can see where I can incorporate the ideas and techniques at work.  I enjoyed Manager’s Toolbox.  I felt like I gleaned useful information from each session I attended.  The sessions were interesting and engaging.”       Shelly Tittel, Manager Financial Information, WSU IT, Wichita, Kansas


“The instructors are great at discussing the topics in a thought provoking way.  It really helps me to understand the concept and buy into the potential results. Three speakers in particular always leave me feeling inspired and energized: Dr. Graham, Dr. Hackett and Brian Rawson.”  Melissa Palmer, Technical Support Supervisor, R.D. Henry & Company, Wichita, Kansas


“The information is very beneficial and can easily be adapted to any situation.  This program, as the program before, has enhanced my ability to communicate with upper management on “their level”.  I better understand my own management style and changed where I needed to for the best results.  These programs are worth every dime.  To get this type of professional teaching from some of the BEST in their fields is incredible!”  Tom Truman, Landscape Director, Catholic Diocese of Wichita, Wichita, Kansas


“I think that this program is valuable for new managers and experienced managers alike.  This was a great program for me.  I was looking to improve and gain some additional insight on several of these topics and I was not disappointed.  The instructors were obviously well versed in their topics and passionate about building better leaders for the businesses.”  Andy Titus, Inside Sales Manager, Walton’s Inc., Wichita, Kansas

Manager’s Toolbox instructors bring years of management training and experience working with leaders from a variety of industries.  In these training sessions, your instructor will instill a new found confidence in your management skills, zero in on real life challenges you are experiencing and provide tools you need to resolve them effectively, create a safe environment for honest interchange with others in the group, and challenge you to apply the learned techniques in your environment.

Nobody said managing would be easy, and whether you’ve been managing for years or you’re looking forward to that promotion into management, you’ll become your best with tried-and-true techniques, strategies and “how-to’s for management success.

Gerald Graham, Ph.D., R.P. Clinton Distinguished Professor of Management

Donald Hackett, Ph.D., Associate Profess, Kansas Family Business Fellow

Dotty Harpool, MBA, Professor, Dir of Student Advising Center, Barton School of Business

Brian Rawson, MBA, Professor

DeAnn Sullivan, PMP

Darian Bebout

LeadingMiddle-iconLeading from the middle with Brian Rawson, MBA
Leading from the middle requires the ability to interpret your organization’s vision and goals. Effective managers learn to bridge employee needs with organizational goals. They understand why it is necessary for both the organization and its customers and employees to receive mutual benefits. Managers in the middle have the unique challenge of bridging team needs with upper management requirements.


Attitude-IconAttitude changes everything with Dotty Harpool, MBA
Your employees will automatically be drawn to a manager with a positive, “can-do” attitude. As a manager, you choose how you react to situations. You choose how people will affect your mood. And you choose how you treat and react to your employees and customers. Attitude changes how you respond to your day to day challenges.


Prioritizing-iconOrganizing and prioritizing projects with DeAnn Sullivan, PMP
In today’s workplace the emphasis is on execution. Among other traits, solid execution depends on working on the right things, in the right order, with the appropriate investment of time, energy and resources. This session reminds and exposes you, the manager, to the basic tools of successful project execution.


ProductiveMeeting-iconRunning a productive meeting with Dotty Harpool, MBA
While meetings are great tools for discussing issues, brainstorming and building team cohesiveness, they can also be unproductive and meaningless. This session will cover key strategies for leading a meeting that is productive, action-oriented and helps achieve your goals. After this session you will have the tools you need to conduct and participate in efficient, effective meetings.


Teamwork-iconFostering teamwork with Don Hackett, Ph.D.
The most obvious advantage of fostering teamwork in the workplace is the increased likelihood of a project’s success. Since teamwork combines the strengths of all members of the team, there will be better ideas tossed around and considered as the result of brainstorming. The most important advantage is the strengths of everyone are amplified and the weaknesses minimized, thereby leading to success.


Listening-iconTransforming performance with Darian Bebout
Identifying the toxic behavior of a team member is easy. Understanding how to tackle that toxic behaviors and keep the team on course is not so easy.  With hands on exercises that will give you the path to tackle performance issues and move the team into a positive direction, this session will strengthen your “Coaching” abilities.


Strength-iconStrength based management with Gerald Graham, Ph.D.
A manager needs to know his strengths in order to call on the right strength at the right time. Focus on your strengths and create opportunities for your employees to develop and apply their strengths. In this session you will have the opportunity to learn your top five strengths and receive a resource book identifying tools to being a more effective manager.

The program fee of $995 per person includes:

  • all course materials in a customized binder
  • paid parking
  • a light dinner each class
  • Continuing Education Units
  • a framed certificate of completion signed by the Dean of the Barton School of Business and the CMD Director

Certificates will be awarded to participants who attend at least six out of the seven sessions.  

The biggest advantage you gain is that after completing Manager’s Toolbox, you can fast track to a Leadership Certificate.  All you have to do is enroll in five (5) additional CMD public seminars over the next 12 months, and you will earn a Leadership Certificate.  That’s a difference of taking 5 days of training vs. 9 days of training.

If you have missed a session of Manager’s Toolbox and you want to make it up, you can do so for FREE.

Follow the link below to see the topical sequence and the dates for each topic.   The topics are never in the same order, so look for the Topic Name and not the Session number.

Topics and Dates

Once you identify the date you need to come, please give CMD a call, and let us know you are planning on attending, so we have enough seating and food.
316.978.3118   or   staci.bryer@wichita.edu

If you did not receive your Manager’s Toolbox Certificate because of a missed session, and you come back to us to make that session up, you will receive your certificate when you complete the 6th session of the seven.

Because you are in class at 4:30 and not out until 7:30, CMD will provide you with a light dinner each night of class.  The menu ranges from taco’s, hamburgers, pizza, sandwich wraps and quesadilla’s.  

As with all CMD sessions, there is coffee, water and pop available during class.

If you have a food allergy, or a dietary requirement, please let our offices know, and we can plan to accommodate your needs.

Substitutions are free and must be done prior to the start of the certificate program.

Cancellations or rescheduling must be received in writing and full refunds will be given up to four business days prior to the start of the certificate program.

Any cancellation or reschedule submitted with three or less business days notice is subject to a $75 charge on certificate programs.  

No refunds after the first day of the program.

This program can be done onsite, at your organization, tailored to your specific needs.

Contact Pat McLeod   316-259-5047  pat.mcleod@wichita.edu 

and find out how convenient & economical training can be.

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