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Strategic Visioning

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Strategic Visioning

Building and sustaining competitive advantage

from the top down.

3-days building the Vision Strategy Model

 November 5, 12 and 19, 2018

9:oo a.m. to 4:00 p.m.

1-hour Strategic Review with both Instructors consulting

December 3 and 10, 2018


This program is a 3-day series focused on creating a strategic visioning process that will transform an organization at every level.

“Leadership is the capacity to translate vision into reality.”

– Warren G. Bennis

This three-day series is focused on developing and sustaining ground-breaking strategies to build an organizations competitive edge. 

Ground breaking strategies build an organization’s competitive edge. Converting a vision into a mission, and pulling the resources and man-power to make that mission a reality is a Herculean task.

This series is focused on building a strategic plan that can be implemented real time at your company to change your organization.  The work begins with a Vision Strategy Model that will be developed, step by step in conjunction with the instructors, over the three day sessions.

This Vision Strategy Model will lay the foundation for strategic groundwork that will strengthen and raise your organization into a market power-house.  To ensure that the model is workable, both instructors will meet with each company one-on-one for up to 60 minutes of personal consulting time to review the plan and solidify the next steps to take.

Strategic leaders inspire others, they transform their organizations and they deliver results. This series will give you the knowledge, inspiration and roadmap to become a successful strategic leader.

  • Gain a deep understanding of the key roles and responsibilities of a successful business executive
  • Develop a new lens to view competitiveness in product, talent and financial markets through a new understanding of stakeholder objectives and the relationships among them
  • Enhanced critical thinking: the essential skill for every business executive
  • Re-examined principles of value creation, the key basis for business decisions
  • Create a Vision Strategy Model, written out and thought-through to take to your board room and begin implementation

This class is being led by two high level executives with strong expertise in business strategy.

Brian Rawson, MBA   is General Manager, In2uit, Inc., North America

Brian holds a B.S. degree in Organizational Psychology from Brigham Young University and an MBA from the University of Virginia.  Following 25 years in consulting, management, and executive roles in the corporate world, seven of those years spent in Japan, he now pursues his passion of teaching in order to help organizations and individuals achieve profitable growth.

Brian is a professor at WSU teaching Organizational Behavior, Organizational Design, Leadership and International Business.


Doug Karber, MBA Director, INVISTA, a Koch Industries subsidiary.

Doug has been with Koch Industries for almost 20 years in a variety of leadership roles, including commercial, corporate development, strategy and finance.  Prior to Koch, he held finance and planning roles at PepsiCo, and worked in mergers and acquisitions for the Forth Financial Corporation.

This three-day series is focused on those responsible for corporate strategy implementation for their organization. Senior executives, Vice-Presidents, Board of Directors, corporate development heads and Leadership teams whose roles have strategic implications for their organizations and who are motivated to become better leaders.

We encourage leadership teams to enroll several or all team members and benefit from the synergy of working together to create the plan.

Morning: Vision & Strategy Development

  • What is strategy & where does it come from?
  • Change, disruption, and the innovator’s dilemma
  • Grow or die: Discovering strategic growth options
    • Asking the right questions
    • The growth matrix

Afternoon: Strategic Decision Making

  • Decision traps
  • The need for a decision framework
  • Key elements of a decision framework
  • Aspects of successful decision-making

Morning: Economic Analysis

  • Economic Thinking
  • Valuation
  • Economic Modeling

Afternoon: Managing for Strategic Success

  • Agents & stewards vs. Objects & Owners
  • Evidence-based Management
  • “Danger Will Robinson!”
    • Casual benchmarking
    • Doing what’s worked in the past
    • Following unexamined ideologies
  • Staffing and the “war for talent”
  • Financial incentives and compensation

Morning: Strategic Ventures

  • Types of strategic ventures – the Pro’s and Con’s
  • The venture process
  • The due diligence process
  • Key elements of venture legal agreements

Afternoon: Organizing for Strategic Success

  • Organization design tensions
    • Strategy vs. Structure
    • Accountability vs. Adaptability
    • Ladders vs. Rings
    • Self-interest vs. Mission success
  • Jobs & Departments vs. Teams & Projects
  • Change leadership
    • How to stop change in its tracks
    • Turning and righting the ship

This program can be done onsite, at your organization, with your entire leadership team involved.

Contact Paula Seiwert   paula.seiwert@wichita.edu    316-978-5144  

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