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LEED Green/Sustainability

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leedlogo1[1]Leadership in Energy & Environmental Design

The U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC) is an organization of 13,000 member organizations and 181,000 LEED professionals.  In 1999 the USGBC created the LEED Rating System, which has grown to become the most widely recognized green building program in the world.

LEED certified buildings are:

♦  more energy efficient
♦  lower operating costs
♦  qualify for tax rebates
♦  lower waste to the landfills
♦  have a reduced carbon footprint
♦  higher asset values
♦  healthier for the occupants
♦  qualify for zoning allowances

LEED Certification is based on 6 different credit categories:energybubble[1]

1 – Sustainable Sites
2 – Energy & Atmosphere
3 – Indoor Environmental Quality
4 – Water Efficiency
5 – Materials & Resources
6 – Innovation in Design

The ratings given out can be:

LEED Platimun
LEED Silver
LEED Certified

There are 3 levels of certification, beginning with the LEED Green Associate.

This certification covers the basics of the LEED project process, the rating systems, core sustainability concepts and terminology.

CMD Offers this certification online:    LEED Green Associate Exam Prep

CMD also offers Green Building Concepts & Strategies for:

Construction Management
Facilities Management
Service & Hospitality

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