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Did you know we make videos?

We produce a variety of video content to help educate our audience about what we do and who we are. These videos range from animated scenarios about leadership, to real life stories from customers we work with. You can find a selection of our videos below, or you can subscribe to our YouTube channel to get updates as we continue to release more!

Leading the Way w/ Dr. Graham

Leading the Way is an animated series, narrated by leadership guru Dr. Gerald Graham, that proposes everyday workplace scenarios that can be challenging. He covers a variety of topics in these videos, including conflict resolution, praising your employees, and even employee evaluations. If you’re interested, take a look at the playlist below!

Customer Testimonials

Our customer testimonials take a different approach from most by allowing our customers to share who they are, a little bit about their company, and then why they chose to hire CMD for their training. In these videos you’ll get a first hand look at the work performed in these different industries, as well as feedback on how CMD’s training helped them become more efficient and effective companies. Sound interesting? Check out the playlist below!

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