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Six Sigma

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CMD offers Six Sigma and Lean Enterprise sessions.

All three of these courses will give you the foundation you need to strengthen and refine your process and team management skills, focus you on the operational metrics that ensure success and give you the key tools and techniques to achieve process excellence.

These sessions are developed according to American Society for Quality guidelines, and will prepare you to sit for and pass ASQ certification.

They are FLEXIBLE… 

Class times that fit your schedule. On-line is self-paced, you set the pace and the schedule. 

They are QUALITY…

These courses are written to lead you to ASQ Certification, with award-winning instructional design, intuitive, and understandable material.

You develop strong SKILLS…

Process improvement skills are in demand in every industry. Prepare yourself to advance and take advantage of better job opportunities.

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Six Sigma Green Belt                       Six Sigma Black Belt           Lean Enterprise Certification

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