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Email Pat[sd_staff name=”Pat McLeod” position=”Director” desc=”Pat has always been an achiever; ambitious, self-made, workaholic, but down to earth person. She came into CMD in 1993 at a time of change and possible extreme growth for the center and her role as director as been both challenging and exciting. As Director she does not just set-out ambitious goals…she motivates her team to deliver. Her team has embraced her “secret weapon“ that “opens doors like magic“ – superior customer service and a customized approach to each client’s training goals.

Pat brings over 20 years’ experience in leadership, sales & customer service to CMD and is most fulfilled when helping people (her staff as well as others) grow professionally.

Pat, who is a cancer survivor, and her husband have two adult children, eight grandchildren and spend most of their free time traveling around watching their grandchildren in the various sports they are involved in.

Pat’s direct line is 316-978-5353″ photo=”1244″ facebook=”https://www.facebook.com/CenterForManagementDevelopment” twitter=”https://twitter.com/CMD_WSU” linkedin=”https://www.linkedin.com/pub/pat-mcleod/12/573/a12″]

Email Paula[sd_staff name=”Paula Mary Seiwert” position=”Associate Director” desc=”Paula has been with CMD since January of 2011. Paula opens CMD programs in the our classroom, and at customer facilities when our instructors go to conduct customized training, Paula coordinates the CMD Master schedule of classes, and communicates with the Instructors on their committments. Paula is also responsible for the CMD web page, the Facebook page and the Twitter line. If you receive a CMD brochure, it is Paula’s handiwork that put it together.

Paula is a graduate of Wichita State University with a BS in Business Administration and an MBA. With experience in banking and aircraft, Paula brings a Continuous Improvement and Six Sigma background to support the Operations Management side of CMD.

Paula was raised in Wichita, where her and her husband live on the west side. She has a 24 year old daughter completing Veterinarian School at KSU, and a 21 year old daughter completing a Marketing degree at WSU.

Paula’s direct line is 316-978-5144.” photo=”1242″ facebook=”https://www.facebook.com/CenterForManagementDevelopment” twitter=”https://twitter.com/CMD_WSU” linkedin=”paula seiwert”]

Email Melissa[sd_staff name=”Melissa Donham” position=”Director of Operations” desc=”Melissa began working at the CMD in January of 1997 as the Registrar and now is in the position that handles all of the financial operations of the CMD. Melissa is also responsible for the Center’s office network and web servers.

Melissa is a graduate of Wichita State University with a BA in Business with a minor in Economics and a minor in Marketing. Melissa worked in her grandparent’s automobile dealership during the summer months while in high school and full time while attending college. It was while working there that she learned “Customers may forget what you said but they’ll never forget how you made them feel.“

Melissa is involved in animal rescue and loves the outdoors. She also has several nieces and nephews that keep her pretty busy.

Melissa’s direct line is 316-978-5148″ photo=”1245″ facebook=”https://www.facebook.com/CenterForManagementDevelopment” linkedin=”https://www.linkedin.com/pub/melissa-donham/b8/598/126″]

Email Wendy[sd_staff name=”Wendy Holt” position=”Event/Program Manager” desc=”Wendy joined the CMD staff in 2014. She is responsible for working with the instructors on class materials and then putting together the manuals that all participants receive in our training room as well as at onsite training’s. She is also the keeper of the calendars and making sure everyone knows where they are supposed to be!

Wendy has been working in higher education for 18 years in the areas of student development, organization advising and event planning. She received her Master’s degree in College Student Development & Counseling from Northeastern University in Boston.

She met her husband Kris at Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University in Daytona Beach and the aviation industry eventually brought them here to Wichita. They are kept busy with their 4 year old daughter Cassie.

Wendy’s direct line is 316-978-5146″ photo=”456″ facebook=”https://www.facebook.com/CenterForManagementDevelopment”]

Email Staci[sd_staff name=”Staci Bryer” position=”Registrar” desc=”Staci started at the CMD as a temporary employee and because of her exceptional skills quickly moved to full time employment in 1999.

Staci’s strength comes through her unique ability to use her experiences to provide accurate information and high quality service to CMD customers, instructors and staff. She is responsible for successfully recording and managing all registrations and payments into the CMD database. She also performs all the tasks necessary to manage the entire process of certificates awarded to CMD customers.

Staci grew up in Wichita and has two children.

Staci’s direct line is 316-978-5149″ photo=”272″ facebook=”https://www.facebook.com/CenterForManagementDevelopment”]

Email Wilma[sd_staff name=”Wilma Hart” position=”Program Coordinator” desc=”If you have been to a CMD class, you have had the pleasure of meeting Wilma! She is the person who greets at the reception desk as well as takes care of your needs throughout the day.

Besides the day to day contact with our participates, Wilma works with the mailing list to keep it up to date and robust.
A Wichita East High graduate, Wilma has a long history with the Girl Scouts as the Training Director before joining CMD in 2005. She is a graduate of Friends University with a BS in Human Resource Management.

Wilma has three grandchildren which keeps her and her husband very busy going to sporting event. Wilma is a long time/avid Shocker fan traveling with the various teams to cheer them on.

Wilma’s direct line is 316-978-5151″ photo=”1246″ facebook=”https://www.facebook.com/CenterForManagementDevelopment” linkedin=”https://www.linkedin.com/pub/wilma-hart/27/322/a95″]

Email James[sd_staff name=”James Sanny” position=”Web Communications Manager” desc=”James came on board at the CMD in December of 2015. His primary responsibilities are handling the social media channels, creating promotional content and videos, and producing branding imagery that helps bring awareness to the CMD and its mission.

James graduated with a BA in Communications and has a background in marketing. Along with his experience in marketing, he has also built a photography business with his wife, photographing weddings, families and freelance assignments for various publications. He has a passion for all things creative and automotive.

In his free time, James loves to travel, hike and camp with his wife. Among the many items on their bucket list- to hike in each one of the National Parks together.” photo=”2187″ facebook=”https://www.facebook.com/CenterForManagementDevelopment” linkedin=”https://www.linkedin.com/in/jamessanny”]

[sd_staff name=”Jordan Sumner” position=”Student Assistant” desc=”Jordan will begin her work with CMD on January 16, 2018. “]

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