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Zoom Training for your teams

CMD can train face-to-face and Zoom 


  • Customized for your needs.
  • Delivered directly to your team
  • Flexible, convenient and easy
  • Personal and targeted
  • Led by the best instructors in the Midwest
  • The best value you can find


With Zooms can be coordinated in  1-hour, 90 minute, 3 or 4 hour segments.

Full day CMD sessions are 6-hours of training.  With Zoom we can customize the training to be delivered in 2 three-hour days, 3 two-hour days or all 6 hours in one day. Customized to what works for your employees.


Break out room, chats, polls and session pre-work make zooms interactive, enjoyable and great learning experiences

Any CMD training seminar on our calendar can be delivered via Zoom to your team. CMD’s expertise is customization. We will work with you to define your needs and create a curriculum that meets those needs.

NEW: Six 1-hour zoom sessions specifically designed for leaders in your organization. 

Essentials Skills of Management & Leadership

Session 1:  How to Transition from Performer to Leader

    •  How leadership differs from doing
    • Four rights you give up as a leader
    • How to lead from the middle
    • Do employees prefer a boss or a friend?

 Session 2:  What it Takes to Manage Strong Personalities

    • How to deal with conflicting personalities
    • Why most personality traits cannot be changed
    • Five ways to approach conflict
    • How to handle employees who resist change

Session 3:  How to Confidently Conduct Difficult Conversations 

    • How listening can help lower the stress level
    • How to build trust by being radically candid
    • What is the difference between assertive and aggressive
    • Three ingredients of a confident communication

 Session 4:  How to Motivate by Focusing on Strengths           

    • Two powerful motives that drive staff
    • The secret to employee empowerment
    • Why most coaching efforts fail
    • What happens when leaders focus on weaknesses

Session 5:  How to Set Expectations and Hold People Accountable

    • What is the role of vision and mission?
    • Four common mistakes in communicating expectations
    • Three suggestions for setting expectations
    • Why performance improvement plans seldom work

 Session 6:  What Makes Performance Management Effective?

    • Why hiring is critical to performance
    • How to screen applicants effectively
    • How to make performance evaluations work better
    • Four suggestions for handling persistently, low performers

Click here for a printed version of the outline:

Zoom Essential Skills of Supervision and Leadership

The most important asset of any organization is the knowledge, skills and abilities of the employees.  Training demonstrates to your employees that you value them and want to improve their personal and professional effectiveness.

It also demonstrates that you are serious about the success of your organization in these tough times. The workforce is anxious and tired. Bolster their talents, and invest in their skills so that your organization grows and survives.


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