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CMD Participant Reviews

The Center for Management Development is in it’s 53rd year of business.  You don’t stay in business that long if you aren’t the best there is.

CMD has the best instructors, and the most comprehensive curriculum of any training organization in the mid-west.  Having hosted training all over the state of Kansas, and at least 11 other states with tried and true skill development.  

CMD conducted over 260 training sessions this last year, touching over 4,600 people.

You are in the minority if you haven’t been in our classroom, so get registered!

Dr. Graham works with the CACUBO organization every fall and conducts their Leadership Institute.

The 2018 institute was held in Grand Rapids Michigan on July 30-August 1, 2018

This is one of the comments from the evaluations completed by the conference attendees.

“Graham was excellent. He presented the course content in a way consistent with the workshop objectives.  He was very dynamic and fostered engagement.  Of the 12-20 professional conferences I have attended in my 20-career, Dr. Graham is one of the most dynamic presenters I’ve encountered.  This conference is also one of my most rewarding because of the level of engagement by the attendees.”

“The instruction provided and the time made available to practice what was taught made going back to work the next day exciting! I was able to see why tasks I have previously tried to delegate were unsuccessful and given tools to help with future delegating. Dr. Hackett kept the class engaged and made everything very interactive. I enjoyed his teaching style! I appreciate the culture of learning that CMD provides. The opportunity to learn from the excellent instructors, and also from my peers, is something I greatly enjoy. Networking with others in my class is a wonderful way to put my experiences into perspective. I often realize our challenges are more universal than we think.”  Christina Dew, Treasury Services Supervisor, INTRUST Bank, Wichita, Kansas



“Our staff has attended several training sessions and have yet to attend one that doesn’t offer valuable techniques & tools to use everyday.  Steve Ropp, Kansas Ethanol, LLC, Lyons, KS


“The staff was very welcoming! Very professional! Dr. Graham is very knowledgeable and communicates the information well. He laid out scenarios in such a way that I could almost visualize them.  I know that I don’t know everything. CMD can, and has, helped me to grow as a leader/manager.”

Jacob Baker, Assistant Manager Flight Training, FlightSafety International, Wichita, Kansas


“We loved this seminar. I think maybe the best learning experience we’ve had. Dr. Belt is one of the best. You can never go wrong with any seminar taught by either Graham, Belt or Hackett!”        Brad Christopher, Wichita Airport Authority

“Dr. Belt delivered a 1st class seminar. In my opinion, this was one of the best CMD classes I have attended. It contained a lot of applicable material that I can utilize within my division at work. I have had excellent instructors in every CMD class I have attended. I find CMD classes to be engaging and useful for daily application, not only in the workplace, but in many aspects of life.”    Ryan Miller, Wichita Airport Authority

“We attend a lot of training at Foley Equipment and the classes at CMD are by far the best we attend. Fantastic instructor! Enjoyed this class!”      Scott Koehn, Foley Equipment


The program was very good.  Each practical exercise built on the learning from the previous. I appreciated that the class wasted no time and we quickly started working hands on exercises. Dr. Sue Abdinnour was a great instructor with a mastery of her subject.  She easily explained the math behind the equations. Her ability to quickly and in layman’s terms explain a production problem and walk the class towards a solution was vital to a successful class.  Having attended a couple of classes, I have confidence in the quality and value of the classes offered by CMD. Having this confidence in the staff and programs offered by CMD makes it easy to promote and to approve requests for training.  Rich Stinnett, President, BTCO



Fantastic. I am actually recommending that my entire team do this training!! The Instructor was very helpful and was willing to work one on one if needed.  I have been coming to different classes over the last year and always walk away with helpful information to take back to work and help me be successful.   Candice Shaffer, Meritrust Credit Union


“These classes are educational and interesting.  They are a well defined way to increase skills and comprehension on the given subject matter.”   Travis Wells,   TECT Aerospace


“CMD has been an awesome program to be a part of.  After taking these courses, the leadership here was impressed with the knowledge and initiative I’ve taken, and I was actually just moved into the PMO group here in KBS. Without the information I learned, I don’t think I would be where I am today.  Thank you so much for such a wonderful program!”   Laurel Anderson, Koch Business Solutions



“There are several other sessions offered that I think would be valuable for my development.  This course was a great opportunity to learn new skills & refresh skills I already have.  Additionally, I appreciated the opportunity to connect with others at different companies.”    Becky Washington, INTRUST Bank


IMG_3429“CMD allows me to understand and view a particular subject or content from a different angle. This helps me view the grater picture of the subject and be more open minded.”

Eric Eaton, KanOkla Networks


“This is a great program and I am learning a lot during the courses of the project management certificate.  I am constantly learning things to take back and apply to work.  This instructor’s presentation methods really evoked thought in a way that is conducive to my learning.  He went at a good pace, set expectations well, and appropriately explained the course materials.  I really like his “Table Boss” concept that allowed us to take turns being the project manager for the table.  It taught me a lot how I work and may be perceived by others.  This is not something I get “on the job” because our projects typically only have one project manager and I am not involved in other projects.”   A participant in Dr. Graham’s Project Leadership and Communication session.


Great-Brochue-pic-instructor-help-student-WEB“Good instructor, very good breakout exercises and conversation.  Instructor was very knowledgeable & provided good examples of real world application. Helped relate new material to material/tools which you may already possess. Condensed class encourages focus to drill into the core concepts and forces you to apply the skills, knowledge being obtained in a friendly environment of peers and local community.  This setting also provides opportunity to build relationships with local business/professionals.”   Ravon Kirkendoll, BG Products


“It was a wonderful learning experience that I truly enjoyed.  All of the instructors were masters in their field that shared not only their classroom knowledge but their many years of actual work experience.  That combination of skill set is unique and is what sets CMD apart from the rest.  Each class segment contained so much class participation that it was almost impossible to complete without learning a new skill or enhancing current skills.  It also kept the class interesting and it was easy to stay focused on the lesson.  I always look forward to attending each class. The effort that is spent to accommodate the participants is top notch and just another detail that makes CMD the place to be for continued development.”  Mina Miller, Program Manager, Leading Technology Composites Inc. Master Certificate in Project Management recipient.


“I definitely enjoyed the CMD class, “Managing Project Teams”. You and your staff do such an excellent job of ensuring that the two days are extremely informative and comfortable.  Dr. Hackett was very engaging and created many opportunities for discussion and practical exercises to increase our learning.  thanks again for a great experience and I look forward to my next class at CMD.”    Robin Bradley, Program Specialist / Process Improvement, City Manager’s Office, Wichita



“From registration to the greeting to the training, the program was phenomenal! The CMD team has excellent customer service, and they always make people feel welcomed and their ideas and concerns valued! Dr. Graham does a fantastic job of relaying the content in an interactive way and explaining the research behind best practices, but still empowering attendees to find the best solution for their company’s mission.”    Julie Scott, Wichita State University Office of Financial Aid


The classes are taught by instructors that care if you understand the material and can apply it to your work experience. CMD instructors manage to engage, interact and teach in order to benefit the student. Thanks!!!          Susan McHenry


HarpoolThank you! The classes are very informative, the professors very inspiring and the staff very courteous.  I also have to mention that it’s been very entertaining and that helps tremendously in easing the learning process.  The hardest part of filling out the CMD surveys is to find an answer to the “what can we do better?” question.  You guys are just awesome!!! – Zak Fakir, BG Products, El Dorado, KS


 “Thank you. CMD has changed the way I approach business and provided a tremendous amount of tools to be successful in the workplace.  Thanks again to all your staff and special thanks to Dr. Sue.” – Roy Belmares, TW Metals, Wichita, KS

“I commend Wichita State and the CMD program to have instructors with the type of presence DeAnn (Sullivan) had.  Thank you for such a great experience, as I’m excited to sign up for more classes in the future and work toward the CMD Project Management Certificate.” – Laurel Anderson, KBS Enterprise Technology Solutions, Wichita, KS

Dr.-Sue-Fall-2013WEB“I just want to thank all of you for making the CMD class I attended, so enjoyable.  Your staff made me feel welcome from the minute I stepped into the building and as always, Dr. Graham had excellent insights and suggestions that I look forward to implementing in my job.  I am looking forward to taking additional classes and will certainly encourage my coworker to do the same.  Again, thanks for the awesome training experience.” – Robin Bradley, Program Specialist/Process Improvement, City Manger’s Office, Wichita, KS

“The level of customer service from the staff was above and beyond the call of duty.  The meal was excellent as well.  I did not expect the level of hospitality that was provided.  Thank you.” – Rod Jackson, Wurth Service Supply Inc., Wichita, KS

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