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Strategic Planning

Strategic Planning



Do you find departments working in different directions?
Are sales dropping?
Are customers not calling?
Are the numbers going from bad to worse?
Are the days a communication cluster?
Are you not sure what to do?


Chess pieces

CMD has the facilitation expertise to help you and your organization methodically and professionally create a Strategic Plan that will put your organization on a healthy track to compete in the marketplace.


Benefits of Strategic Planning

  • Provides direction and guidance for the company and employee
  • Drives focus within the company
  • Enables allocation of resources to top priorities
  • Provides understanding of alternatives, making it easier to modify the strategies and tactics as conditions change.

Our approach to strategic planning is built on the philosophy that the day-to-day responsibilities that you and your employees face will not disappear, so accomplishing your visionary goals must be done along with the day-to-day.  Determining the fewest, high-impact strategies that can achieve the goal will provide focus for the organization.A winning coach doesn’t approach every opponent the same way; he or she tailors the strategy based on the strengths and weaknesses of the opposing team.
A good general outlines several strategies for winning the war, know that not every battle may be won.  And the same is true for your business.

Our approach is actionable and practical.   Through facilitated discussions with you and your key employees, we will focus on these key questions:


Where areSTRAT_Howto-WEB we at today?

Where do we want to be in the future?

What are the alternatives for getting there?

Which ones will fit our resources and strengths best?

It is accompanied by an operational plan, a tactical component and the critical link for execution to occur.  Think of an architect who creates a floor plan and overall schematic for a new home.  Once it is approved conceptually, detailed blueprints must be created for each element: the foundation, the electrical, the HVAC, the plumbing….etc.  Those are required for the house to be functional and safe.

That is what the operational plan will do for your business. Your strategic plan will have identified your future vision, where you are today and the preferred strategies for closing the gap.

We outline the tactical actions that will deliver the strategy, using the resources that the company possesses or can acquire.  Determining how fast to proceed and how much can be done in the next 12-18 months.  Because resources are always limited, it is important to select the most impactful and the fewest actions as possible to achieve your goal.  This provides for continuing the focus and enabling progress, along with completing day-to-day responsibilities.

For each tactic, it will be determined what needs to be done, when, by whom and how we can measure progress and results.  We will establish a process to monitor progress and adjust the course as conditions change.

CMD has the expertise to facilitate the successful completion of a Strategic Plan, as well as the Operational Planning.  Let us be your partner.

Call to learn more about custom strategic options for your organization.

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