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Why Supervisors Don’t Praise

  • Eight reasons why supervisors don’t give the praise they should

When Not to Praise

  • Ten situations where praise will not motivate

How to Praise Effectively

  • Six major differences between effective and ineffective praise
  • Seven tips from ‘The One Minute Manager’
  • Eight powerful guides for giving praise


  • How to do it


  • How do I react to criticism?
  • What are my present abilities?
  • Why do I criticize?
  • What changes do I have to make to be able to learn from criticism?

Benefiting From Criticism

  • How to view critical remarks
  • How to respond to critical comments
  • How to encourage constructive criticism
  • How to save face when someone criticizes you in front of your employees

Destructive vs. Constructive Criticism

  • The essential differences between destructive and constructive criticism
  • Seven things that make feedback useful
  • How to recognize whether a statement is constructive or destructive

Criticizing Effectively

  • Why is criticism so hard to give? The elements for successful criticism
  • Fifteen guidelines for giving criticism that changes behavior
  • A model for giving criticism that works in any situation
  • What to criticize


  • Opportunity to reformulate negative and destructive criticisms that will change behavior
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