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Managing Time & Multiple Priorities

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Managing Time & Multiple Priorities



You will learn practical techniques you can use to better plan your time, prioritize your decision-making and take control of common interruptions. You will also come away equipped with tools you can use to take control of your day.

This seminar is designed for people that have demanding schedules and seemingly have too many tasks on their plate. Employees from any level including supervisors, project managers, administrative staff, support personnel and team facilitators in both the public and private sectors will enjoy Dr. Hackett’s useful insights that help you take control of a world with too little time.


Time Management Introduction

  • Discovering your time management philosophy
  • Five 'myths' of time management

Performing a Meaningful 'Time Audit'

  • How to perform a "time audit" - key to dentifing your time wasters
  • Separating the 'urgent from the important' through goal-setting
  • The four-step approach to goal accomplishment

Developing Skills for Effective Time Management

  • How to control the "big seven" time wasters
  • How to delegate; delegate smart or work hard
  • How to overcome procrastination
  • How to clean up the cluttered desk
  • Learning to say "NO" without feeling guilty
  • How to reduce time wasters in meetings
  • How to reduce "device" interruptions and distractions

Three Tools for Managing Multiple Priorities

  • How to use the "swiss cheese" approach to get more done
  • What the "slight edge" principle means to your success
  • How to apply the 80/20 rule to your tasks and get more done



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