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Strategies for Effective Presentations

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Strategies for Effective Presentations



This class meets on two consecutive days : July 19 & 20, 2017


Have you ever struggled with standing in front of a group, organizing your thoughts, and make a presentation understandable?  The ability to deliver a professional, organized and engaging remarks is not only vital to your success, it can be a career booster! Whether your goal is to educate, recruit, or inspire, delivering your message successfully takes intent.

Tips on reducing the anxiety associated with presentations is a major objective of the program, as well as proper preparation and effortless delivery.  Learners will be able to gain critical skills without standing in front of a business audience.  You will learn how to package your content and present in an engaging and professional way.  Additional hallmarks of impactful presentations will be given to polish your skills giving you confidence and credibility.  Success is attained when one focuses and gives appropriate attention to the basics covered in this session.

Everyone will participate in individual exercises and team activities during day one of the seminar.  On day two everyone will put into practice the techniques and approaches discussed on day one, by making a short presentation on a topic of their choice to the class - a risk-free zone.

** Each participant should bring speech topic ideas to class on the first day, and be familiar with PowerPoint. **


Learning how to get the 'butterflies' in formation

Three tips for dealing with anxiety 

  • Breathing exercises
  • Imagery
  • Rehearsal

Three "Guaranteed" Hints for Dealing with Anxiety

Eight tips in delivering a professional presentation

  • What to do when you make a mistake
  • How to handle the 'know it all' or heckler
  • Making a good 'first impression'
  • Dressing appropriately for your audience
  • Developing an 'attention getting' opening
  • Commanding attention of the audience
  • How to use positive words and phrases
  • Mentioning the 'right' people in your remarks
  • The appropriate use of stories to supplement your remarks

Organizing your presentation 

  • Importance of an opener
  • Developing the body
  • Using a summary statement
  • Effective use of Powerpoint slides


"I have been training for over four years and learned so much that will help me grow as a presenter.  It was a really great class."

Kristin Gill, Sedgwick County Emergency Communications



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