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Dealing Effectively with Workplace Conflict

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Dealing Effectively with Workplace Conflict

When you think of workplace conflict, what comes to mind?

  • Arguing?
  • Compromise?
  • Hurt feelings?
  • Avoidance?
  • Gossiping?
  • Explosive disputes?
  • Subtle, long-lasting issues or resentment?
  • Team members taking ownership for mistakes?

Conflict triggers different behaviors in each person, from destructive to productive responses.  While conflict can be very uncomfortable, it is a natural and inevitable part of relationships.

Because conflict looks different depending on the people and situations involved, there is no one-size-fits all answer to making it productive.  Instead the solution starts with you.

This program includes the newest assessment tool designed to improve self-awareness around conflict behaviors.  It isn’t about conflict resolution rather, it’s focused on helping you curb destructive thoughts and behaviors so that conflict can become more productive, improving your workplace results and relationships.

Each participant in this session will complete an Everything DiSC® Productive Conflict assessment prior to attending class, so that the tool can be incorporated into the exercises done in the classroom.

What you will learn:

  • Identify general perceptions and emotions about conflict
  • Develop a broad conceptual understanding of conflict
  • Discover your own style in conflict
  • Learn about other styles in conflict
  • Learn how automatic thoughts influence destructive behaviors during conflict
  • Identify and understand destructive conflict behaviors that you use
  • Recognize automatic thoughts that you typically have during conflict
  • Practice catching and re-framing automatic thoughts
  • Learn a way to continue evaluating and improving conflict experiences
  • Explore strategies that capitalize on productive conflict and its impact on effective teamwork



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