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Leadership & Communication Skills for Women

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Leadership & Communication Skills for Women



This is a comprehensive course dealing with the unique challenges women confront in the organizational environment. The course offers practical leadership and communication techniques and proven strategies for success.



Women in Management: Where Did They Come From?  Where are they Going?

  • Re-socialization of the woman manager
  • Women as managers - stereotypes and realities

Leadership Skills

  • Differences between male and female leadership styles
  • How men and women use power differently
  • How to use power effectively
  • Leveraging yourself in the organization

Communication - It'­s Not So Much What You Say

  • Sexual-based barriers to communication
  • Body language
  • How to create the right image

Stress and the Working Woman

  • How to identify the five types of stress
  • Three strategies for coping with stress in the organizational environment

The section covering body language and posture really hit home and I really appreciated the visualization activity. This class was excellent, Thank you! The instructor was both personable and knowledgeable. I really enjoyed learning from her.  Each CMD class has held value for me in both my personal and professional life.

Holly Terrill, Meritrust Credit Union


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