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Cultivating a Positive Culture

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Cultivating a Positive Culture

Culture is how employees' hearts and stomachs feel about Monday morning on Sunday night.

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As a leader of a team, you become the model of how the organization interacts and behaves and your actions symbolize the company standard. Your team will mirror your attitude, behaviors, reactions, and outlook. When the culture is positive, the customer service, sales, efficiencies, productivity, engagement and success will fall into place.  The question is, what type of culture are you creating?

Contemplate actions which can be taken to:

  • Enhance individual productivity and morale
  • Increase team innovation and collaboration
  • Positively impact the organizational culture


  • Contributing to the solution
  • Managing your message
  • Improving within your role and responsibilities


Team influence

  • Increasing employee engagement
  • Accepting and implementing change
  • Establishing trust and respecting feedback


Organizational Impacts

  • Implementing Transformational Leadership
  • Caring for company resources
  • Intentionally creating culture

Any employee in a position to influence, lead, or manage a team. Non-supervisory individuals who interact or represent the organization, internally and externally.

“It was very inspirational and informative, I feel that everyone can benefit from this knowledge. Overall it was perfect.”

Nathan Fullerton, Software Engineer Team Lead, Integra Technologies, Wichita, KS

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Setting a positive culture is a skill every supervisor and manager needs. Let’s explore the possibilities of having this program at your facility and training your team of leaders together.    Paula.Seiwert@wichita.edu

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