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Improving Supervisory Skills

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Improving Supervisory Skills

The supervisor's function is not to make people work,
but to make it possible for people to work.
Dr. Graham will coach you to successfully complete that role.

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Dr. Graham will coach you in analyzing the differences that can make you an effective or ineffective supervisor. You’ll gain practical insights into common supervision mistakes and solutions to put you on the road of successful leadership.

This seminar is designed for the newly promoted supervisors, soon to be promoted team leaders and managers that find it necessary to get work done through their employees. Experienced supervisors should attend to review and update their skills. You’re sure to appreciate the refreshing insights given in this one-day program.

What Does a Supervisor Do?

  • Skills of doing
  • Skills of supervising
  • Difference between good and poor supervisors


Establishing Objectives

  • How to define objectives
  • Major problems
  • How to develop employee commitment
  • How to resolve employee conflicts


Improving the Art of Delegation

  • What is authority?
  • Problems in delegation
  • How to give an order
  • How to criticize


Problems in Communication

  • How to communicate upward
  • How to communicate downward
  • How to handle informal groups


What Motivates Employees?

  • How to understand employee needs
  • How needs motivate
  • Assumptions about employees
  • Theory X and Y
  • The marginal employee


Employee Discipline

  • Rules and regulations
  • Philosophy of discipline
  • Why employees become problems
  • How to apply the discipline


Improving Leadership Ability

  • Power and leadership
  • What makes good leaders?
  • Autocratic or democratic
  • Leadership styles
  • How to put emphasis on the job

“I was impressed by how much information was given in the short amount of time. The interaction with other Supervisors helped me to retain what I learned by hearing stories, comparing them to my own situations and listening to the textbook answers.”

Randy Stapp, Supervisor, Detroit Diesel, Emporia, KS

“Dr. Graham has a natural talent for connecting with learners.  His positive approach in responding to differing opinions creates an environment where everyone feels valued. Each class I have taken provided me with leadership concepts that are easy to implement in my work area.”

TSgt Zachary Whitener, Kansas Air National Guard, McConnell A.F.B., Wichita, KS

Please contact me if you have any questions. paula.seiwert@wichita.edu

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