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Solving Problems with Root Cause Analysis

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Solving Problems with Root Cause Analysis

If you are unable to understand the cause of a problem,
it is impossible to solve it.

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We all understand the need for methods and tools to help us quickly assess, evaluate and plan resolution of the many problems that come up in the work environment.

But how do you do that?

How do I assess the situation and define the problem?

How do I lead others to use root cause analysis?

What methods and tools will help the team arrive at the right solution?

Picture of Anita Barrett in the classroom.

Experienced leaders know that problem resolution comes from a concrete method of questioning and evaluation of the entire problem environment to bring about the needed change quickly.  Solving the problem sooner is everyone’s goal.  Root Cause Analysis is best addressed by knowing how and when to use various tools.

Problem Solving Skills to Lead Your Team equips you with the tools to drill to the core of a problem, preventing band-aid fixes that don’t solve the real problem. This program delivers fundamental tools and techniques of problem solving focused on root cause identification and analysis.

Assess situation with key questions

Who found the problem and how?

Has the problem occurred before and when?

What has changed?

What solutions have been tried to fix the problems?

The “So What” question

Build clearly defined problem statements

The problem

The effects



Understand and confirm root causes


Cause and effect diagram

Five why’s

Inclusion/exclusion of five change elements

Decision analysis to select best alternative

Create critical criteria

Feasibility analysis matrix


Adding risks before final solution

Review 7 constraints on planned solutions








Implement, monitor and close

Steps to make the change

Train or update personnel

Convert to solution

Monitor metrics

Communicate as required

“I liked this material and this instructor. It was well presented and thought out.  I liked her “real world” experiences.”    Sherry P.

“This was the best one-day course I’ve taken so far.  Anita definitely gave us real world tools we could start using at work the very next day.  I really liked how in tune she was with the fact that everyone learns a little differently. She mixed up the teaching style so that everyone was engaged.”    

Rob Dinwiddie, Director of Shrink Management, Dillon Stores Division, Hutchinson, Kansas

“I was very pleased with Ms. Barrett’s knowledge of the subject, and her ability to relay past experiences regarding Root Cause Analysis, as well as her additional suggestions and follow-up regarding some discussions in the class.  I could tell she is really invested in the subject and loves what she does with a passion.”  

Jay A. James, Spirit AeroSystems, Wichita, Kansas

“She delivers a great way to look at normal routine tasks, road blocks, and potential improvements in a constructive manner”

Josh Sawer, Foley, Shop Manager, Wichita, Kansas

Management, Marketing, Operations, Production teams, Supervisors, Team leads, Quality engineers/technicians and anyone who wants to improve their ability to solve recurring problems.  The program has far reaching benefits and can be applied in a broad spectrum of functional areas and for employees of all levels of responsibility.

Do you have a team needing to focus their efforts on improvement projects? Let’s explore the possibilities of having this program at your facility to boost that effort. Contact me  Paula.Seiwert@wichita.edu

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