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Overcoming Negativity in the Workplace

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Overcoming Negativity in the Workplace

The world changes, when we change our perspective.

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In this seminar you will explore negative attitudes and how they affect you and your organization. You will learn to live and work more effectively in an environment where the phrases “that can’t be done” or “we’ve tried that before and it didn’t work” are commonly heard. After examining the root causes of negativity, you will be introduced to methods of reversing negative attitudes of others and learn how to turn your own thoughts of negativity into positive results.

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Sources and effects of negativity

  • Why are people negative-thinkers?
  • How personality, personal and professional lives contribute to our outlook on work and the way we live
  • Evaluation of the effects of negativity on the “bottom line” of an organization


Working in a negative work environment

  • Creating a positive work environment that encourages positive not negative thinking
  • Turning negative energy into positive results
  • How to be successful in spite of a negative work environment


Working with negative people

  • Identifying sources of negative attitudes
  • Working for a negative supervisor and still succeeding
  • Managing negative thinkers


Rediscovering the positive you

  • Explore your own negativity
  • Practice positive thinking and reap the benefits
  • How to see your cup as “half full” instead of “half empty”

“This class provided me with great tools in dealing with teams each day. Not only was the instructor extremely knowledgeable but also did an excellent job of ensuring the class remained engaged and focused throughout the session.”

Nicola Brite, Shipping/Receiving Manager, Integra Technologies

“I gained a lot of valuable information that I can immediately apply not only to my job but in my day-to-day interactions with others.  She shared a lot of her own experiences and taught the class how to recognize and how to deal with our individual personalities and how to interact with others. My “ah-ha” moment: I learned about a specific medical condition that affects how people interact or deal with others. This was the most important lesson for me personally and I am looking into learning more about this condition.”
Curtis Haynes, Service Training Manager, Berry Material Handling, Wichita, Kansas

“This is one of the first times that I have attended a program where I felt so comfortable and relaxed.  The group activities all were fun and informational. I especially like the fact that she didn’t just read her PowerPoint presentation.  As she went along she added more information, and gave more in-depth information through the use of real life situations.”
Terri M. Lillback, Tramco Inc., Wichita, Kansas

“I enjoyed attending a training class that was directed towards managers and the fact I could interact with managers from other companies that deal with the same issues we do.”
Andrew Schrader, Foley Equipment Company, Topeka, Kansas

“Great reminder that we are not all perfect and can continue to grow!”
Jaci Katz, Project Manager, Integra Technologies, Wichita, Kansas

If you are being coached by your management to be more positive, and upbeat, this class will help you deal with that.   If you are frustrated because your honesty about results and outcomes is deemed too harsh, this class can put things into perspective for you.

Substitutions are free and must be done prior to the start of the class or certificate program.

Cancellations or rescheduling must be received in writing and full refunds will be given up to four business days prior to the start of class.

Any cancellation or reschedule submitted with three or less business days notice is subject to a $35 charge on 1 or 2 day classes and a $75 charge on certificate programs.  

No refunds after the first day of the class or certificate program.

This class can be done in a 4-hour block, at your facility for several teams at once.  Contact me to discuss how we can make that happen. Paula.Seiwert@wichita.edu

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