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Strategic Negotiations Online

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Strategic Negotiations Online

The art of negotiating is a subtle balance of influence and competition.
Negotiating successfully can be a career boost.

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The skills needed to negotiate, from the surface, seem to be a matter of talent; either you’ve go tit or you don’t.  On the contrary, research into successful negotiations reveals that having a concrete understanding of negotiation skills and techniques increases the likelihood of success.  Honing your skills will reduce the stress during discussions, clear cloudy judgment and give you tools to produce mutually beneficial agreements.

Online classes can be confusing.  Please reach out with any questions you may have.   paula.seiwert@wichita.edu

This program gives you focused exposure to the tools that will refine your abilities to negotiate with skill and success.  You will dialog with Dr. Gerald Graham, completing exercises and worksheets that strengthen your negotiation expertise.

How to prepare for negotiations

Negotiations defined
How to expand negotiation opportunities
What are your needs?  Other’s needs?
Do you tend toward hard or soft negotiating?
How to focus on the interests of all parties
How to separate the people from the issues

How to encourage principled negotiations

Two techniques for identifying the other party’s interests
How to be “hard” on the problem and “soft” on the person
How to overcome four major negotiating obstacles
How to make it easy for the other part to agree
Why it is important to identify mutual gains

How to increase your power in negotiations

How to use objective criteria to your advantage
How to avoid yielding to pressure
Why you should not attack the other party’s data
How to define your “bottom line”
How to deal with threats
Six proven negotiation tactics

Techniques for dealing with “hard” negotiators

What to do if the other party “won’t play”
Four ways to execute negotiation jujitsu
How to turn “tricky tactics” to your advantage
Three rules for dealing with”dirty tricks”
How to deal with deception
Two suggestions for dealing with “pressure tactics”

This program is specifically designed for executives, business owners, experienced management personnel labor relations representatives, project managers, corporate sales people, contract managers, delivery teams, product managers, leadership teams and anyone that is or will be involved in crucial negotiations.

If you’re responsible for negotiations or discussions of projects, business deals, mergers, labor union negotiations or any other negotiation with much at stake, it is essential that you have the skills to ensure your success at the table.

Materials you will receive:

  • The book “Getting to Yes” by Roger Fisher and William Ury
  • Review questions that correlate with the book
  • A negotiating styles questionnaire
  • Exercises and case worksheets
  • Weekly feedback and coaching by Dr. Gerald Graham


See the Strategic Negotiations Outline 

You will receive session assignments that will include readings, review questions, case analyses, and a ten-point, electronic quiz.  Dr. Graham will provide feedback in the form of dashboards and comments. 

As you advance through the material, Dr. Graham will be available for questions, observations and sharing.

Talent Triangle values:

  • PMP/PgMP: 0 Technical  4 Leadership  8 StrategicPMI talent triangle logo
  • PMI-ACP: 0 Technical  4 Leadership  8 Strategic
  • PMI-SP: 0 Technical  4 Leadership  8 Strategic
  • PMI-RMP: 0 Technical 4 Leadership  8 Strategic
  • PfMP: 0 Technical  4 Leadership  8 Strategic
  • PMI-PBA: 0 Technical  4 Leadership  8 Strategic

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