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What good is a certificate program?

Wichita Management Leadership Training Certificate Professional DevelopmentWorking on a certificate is an excellent way to address the areas for growth that are identified on a participants yearly performance review. Classes are full of valuable tools and ideas for working smarter. If there is something that you struggle with in your job responsibilities – CMD has an approach to help you. Still – why a certificate program instead of traditional schooling?

Certificate programs are the fastest growing professional credential and a key component of work force development. A certificate is the highest form of education held by about 1 in 10 American workers, according to the Census Bureau, which collected and crunched data from several government sources. On average, certificate holders earn 20% more than workers who hold only a high school diploma. More surprising, however, is that one-third of certificate holders also have an associate’s, bachelor’s or even graduate degree. Such a large percentage suggests that individuals are getting certificates to bolster skills or learn new ones in a tight job market.

Short-term certificate programs allow individuals to add specific skills to their resume for a fraction of the time and tuition required for a bachelor’s or graduate degree. While college degrees are still extremely valuable, certificate programs show employers you are continuously updating and improving your skills and reviewing the most up-to-date theories and practices.

The Center for Management Development is a very well known and respected source of professional training and development. Our instructors are the best in their fields and offer exercises, simulations and information that is relevant and applicable to every day, work place issues. We currently offer a dozen certificate options to help further your education. To explore which certificate program is right for you, check out the Certificates section of our website.


PPaulaSeiwertaula Seiwert is the Associate Director of the Center for Management Development. She is a graduate of Wichita State University with a BS in Business Administration and an MBA.

paula.seiwert@wichita.edu | cmd.wichita.edu


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