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What is a manager’s most important attribute?

wichita management leadership training professional development tipsWant to increase your effectiveness as a manager?  Start by improving your listening skills.

A research survey of employees found that the most important attribute a manager could have is the ability to listen.  When you listen attentively, you communicate that you think the person and what they are saying are important and interesting.  You demonstrate caring by listening.  And through these actions, you earn respect and trust.  You build credibility and strengthen relationships.  And you learn more about your employees when you listen, and that is critical for coaching and developing their capabilities and skills.

 Learn more about how sharpening your listening skills can help you in the workplace by signing up for Manager’s Toolbox. Manager’s Toolbox is a seven week certificate program that will give you the crucial tools to help you shift from being an individual contributor to a manager who gets results.

Phyllis Robertson, MBA is highly skilled and experienced in leadership and managerial development, operational management and strategic planning.  She brings more than twenty-five years of experience to the classroom and has a strong track record of developing leaders and improving service quality.


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